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Every client has different needs. I can work with you on one or all of the services detailed below depending on the scope of your project, your budget and how involved you want your architect to be during construction.


The first step in the process is to listen to you, the client. Through discussion, we will analyze the requirements for the project based on your needs, goals and timelines. This information becomes the basis for future design phases.


A site analysis is performed to determine ideal building site options, view opportunities, topography, sun angles and climate concerns. By combining this site information with the criteria created in the Consultation stage, we will begin to develop the design concept.


During this exciting phase, the client begins to review hand sketched design concepts. In addition to "the look" of the project, we consider mechanical, electrical and structural elements during this phase. I will work until we get the design perfect for you.


This is the largest single portion of the work. Every detail of the design is fine tuned and drafted on a CAD computer program in order to create a complete set of construction documents. If your builder does not require a specific construction document, you can save some money in this phase. The benefit of using a CAD program is that changes can be made easily and quickly resulting in lower costs for the client.


During the final phase, I will assist you in selecting a qualified General Contractor/Builder that meets your budget and timeline. Once a contract between the owner and builder is signed, I will monitor construction to ensure compliance with the construction documents. This phase is optional depending on how involved you want the architect to be during the construction phase, especially if you're working with a limited budget.


Already have plans but need some tweaking? Have your floor plan but need someone to design a home around it? Ready to buy land but want to make sure it's buildable? Considering an addition or teardown but don't know if it's cost effective? I can help with whatever your need may be.


An Architect can turn your vision into a reality. and help you to design a functional, exciting home that fits your budget. We present design or functional elements that you may never have considered and strive to maximize your construction dollar by minimizing building costs, making your home energy efficient and increasing the future resale value through good design. We will assist you in finding a builder who is a good match for your budget, timeline and personality and serve as a liaison throughout the building process if hired to do so.


Yes. Many people have the false perception that they can't afford an architect. If you can afford to build your dream home, you should make sure you are not compromising this dream by not first consulting an architect. Often times an architect can save you money by suggesting a more cost effective design and materials without compromising the floor plan or look that suits your taste. Whether you want a simple consultation or complete architectural services, we can work with you and your budget.

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